Something Blissful

One of our most fun moments in the last week was painting a picture making a birthday card, both for Auntie H.

Child looking at camera - painting a picture in blue and yellow using hands

Child now looking pleased with himself - paint on table too!

Child with a piece of blue card, ready to create birthday card

child putting stickers on card

his first masterpiece - blue yellow red and green splodges

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General rules (possibly yet to be refined) are that it should be
  • something that brought you joy and may to bring joy to others too
  • or simply something you are thankful for
  • can be an image, video, 'news' item or short story (each to be your own)
  • it can be from the last week, but doesn't have to be
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  • and make sure it's suitable for general readership (ie not x rated!)
Looking forward to your posts

If you want to know more, read The Story of Something Blissful

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