A little update

I have had a great weekend as I haven't worked (well hardly), haven't had visitors, haven't been crippled by my arm. BB and I have been for a walk both days, and doe some craft both days, and eaten 100% home cooked scrummy food every meal time. My kitchen has also had a spring clean. I even watched a movie. It has been fabulous.

And what a difference ten days makes - or maybe it's the hormones. I can now declare that on CD14, TTC again seems like a fabulous idea! I haven't been temping or getting too caught up in the whole charting thing, but I have been using the monitor (on the days I remembered!). Seeing the ovulation symbol yesterday morning had a massive effect on me mentally. Suddenly it's all back on. I am detoxing, planning meals around the fertility diet, I bought 'conception' vitamins from the pharmacy today, deleted the bottle of wine from the shopping order, took extra vital greens. I am excited for 28 days time.

I am also tired. Perhaps partly because I finally paused in what has been a crazy time since I started the business, but perhaps too because of the little detox. So, I am not hanging around here any longer either. I'm going to relax on the sofa with the fertility book instead. I just thought I'd let you know where I'm at.

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