Weight Watching - Two Weeks in

I am dreading the weigh in tomorrow.

I missed last week because of my arm, haven't exercised because of my arm, have eaten bad foods (well, I was unable to prepare food for a few days there, so people brought me things - like fish and chips!!!).

Then of course there is the fact that I have stopped breast-feeding.

And the tablets that I am on make you retain water.

According to the Wii I have GAINED 5lbs! Hopefully that can't be true, but I expect I will have gained rather than lost.

Aside from the obvious problems with my arm, I struggled. On the first day I just reorder what I ate and it was 61 points (for those not in the know, the daily requirement is 26 - I should have been on 35 - a couple of extra because I am 'bigger' and then 7 more for breastfeeding). I kept going and recorded what I ate honestly. My points did gradually come down over that first week, and I walked a lot so that I did almost end the week without too much 'debt', though I didn't record all of day 7 as that was when my trapped nerve issue began.

Now I am supposed to be on 28 since the breastfeeding stopped. That's a huge difference from what I was eating. I think it's going to take me a while to adjust. My biggest problem is at night. I eat dinner with BB at 4.30pm, but then I am hungry again later and snack, often on things that are not good!

I have been considering a fast for a day or two, just to reset myself. Fasting is something I do feel I really benefit from in all sorts of ways, but WeightWatchers doesn't recommend it. It is also something I couldn't really do while breastfeeding - but I could now. I was really interested in the findings of Michael Mosley's TV Show The Power of Intermittent Fasting so may research that further.

Another thing came to my attention today. There is a new book coming out The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss which also sounds really interesting. I have put my name forward to trial it and blog about it.

So, fingers crossed they pick me, that you enjoy finding out more about it from my blog and that IT WORKS!

If you are interested in buying the book it is available at AmazonWaterstones and The Book People. It maybe be worth checking them all as prices do change. Amazon also have a Kindle Version 

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