Calling all SMC bloggers

Just a quickie, but you may notice that I used a 'linky' (my first) on my recent Halloween post. It occurred to me overnight that we should have had one of these for the post that we all did on "A Day in the Life of a Choice Mum"

I pondered it for a bit and thought I add one to my post. But then I thought that really it's not my place because I didn't initiate it, I was just a tagger on. But then I thought again and thought I would add the facility just to see - you don't have to use it, or we could move it to another blog (Ali was it you that started it?) because it seems like a useful idea to have them linked. Another idea is that we could all have a linky on this...

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below, or go to my original post if you want to add your link, and let us know if you decide to add your own linky

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  1. Great idea!!! I've submitted my link but am not sure how to add on on my blog...any chance you can send me info/instructions?

  2. Yep - it's easy

    Just go to and create an account.

    Then click on create new list, give the thing a title (maybe the post title so you can remember it but it doesn't to be. It will gove you some code which you copy and paste (in the HTML function) at the bottom of your post.

    Job done!

  3. Simple that is if what I have done has actually worked! Your link is not there...

  4. for future reference maybe this is a better linky thing - yet to try it though

  5. i have swapped to the other one... Gille I added the link to your post again