Celebrating a year

So this is a little late, but we went on holiday straight after BB's birthday and I didn't have time to post before we went.

BB is now 1 year old! I find it incredible that he is one. It's a full year since this!

Although the year seems to have gone very fast, it also feels like BB has been with us forever. I also find it hard to remember what he was like when he was new. So, with that in mind here are some pictures from his first year.










I think the most beautiful thing is seeing his personality start to reveal itself. He is a very happy little boy. He likes to make people laugh, he seems to be confident and adventurous. Although he isn't walking yet he's a fantastic climber.  He has a great appetite and eats a wide variety of foods, although fruit is his first love. Whatever he eats you can guarantee it will make a mess!

We decided that the birthday tradition shall include a cake, Birthday Bunting and a gathering of some kind. After much searching I managed to find some nice, quality bunting that should last us for years

Birthday Bunting
I made him a monkey cake (a chocolate sponge covered in chocolate butter icing and then ivory fondant icing was used for the face). His chin looks like he has acne - that's because I didn't keep aside enough icing sugar for rolling out the fondant icing (note to self for the future!).

Monkey cake

Close family joined us in our garden for the afternoon to celebrate his special day.

Here is the cheeky chappy having devoured his piece of cake - well some of it, the rest was used for a facial!
Birthday Cake Face

His vital statistics at one year are:
Height 75cm (50th percentile)
Weight 11.05Kg (between 75th and 91st percentile)
Head Circ. 47cm (75th percentile)

Happy Birthday Blissful Boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday BB! Amazing how much they change in a year...

  2. I love seeing the progression of BB from birth to a year. Now hang on tight, b/c the fun is about to begin!