Nine Months

Tomorrow, BB will be 9 months old.

This seems incredible to me in so many ways. I have been a mum for 9 months! It seems to have gone so fast, yet I can't remember life before BB, so in a way it's like he has been with me forever. It's amazing how much he has grown and changed in that time. He is no longer a baby, more a little boy. I am so loving watching his character unfold. He is a happy chappy, a determined little soul, remarkably strong, somewhat fearless, and he loves making people laugh. He has 4 teeth, says mum mum mum and dad dad dad (though I don't believe he really knows that's what he's saying), is crawling everywhere, can climb stairs, and likes to practice walking with the help of furniture.

What strikes me as even more remarkable than this, is the fact that today, he has existed in the outside world for exactly the same amount of time that he existed inside me. I am being extremely precise here. It is 550 days since his conception, 275 days since his birth!

This whole thought makes pregnancy seem incredibly long!

It's this thought that made me realise that I should soon start thinking about trying to conceive BB2.

At birth (or at the mid point of his life so far). At this point I hadn't even seen him myself yet!

And today
Waving for the camera

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