You may remember that I started seeing a personal health trainer through the NHS to try and help me shift some LARD! Well, the news there is I have GAINED 2 kg. Yes that's right, gained! I lost a kilo or so at first, but when I went to see the the health trainer on Monday I was nearly 2 kg over my starting point. Gutted!

How can this be?

Well, a combination of things I suppose. Getting out and walking less due to the recent rain. BB is eating more solids and breastfeeding less, so I guess I am burning less calories on milk production. Perhaps the fact that I bake (and eat) a banana cake every week! Or perhaps that I have developed a shandy habit, breaking open a can of 0.5% bitter shandy most nights thinking the alcohol is negligible but forgetting the sugar. I also stopped using the Wii since BB started crawling. I used to strap him in his bouncer and let him watch. The combination of me making a fool of myself and the characters on the screen were enough to keep him entertained. Now it is impossible to do it when he is awake as he would be climbing my leg! By the time he is in bed at night and I have cleaned up the kitchen, washed the floors, sorted the washing, tidied the toys, etc. etc.  I'm shattered.

So, I have been forced to address this issue this week. I have to say part of me just wanted to give up. I thought of a lot of reasons to do nothing. I am hoping to get pregnant with baby 2 soon(ish), so what's the point, I'll only get fat again. I'm tired. Lots of other people I know didn't lose their baby weight yet. The scales must be wrong! It's healthy to retain some extra weight if you are breastfeeding. It will fall off when I stop. I need to weigh more to be fertile (excuse generated by the fact that when the Chinese Doctor gave me herbs and acupuncture to give me 'good eggs' I put on 4 kg)... I could think of a thousand more excuses if I tried.

BUT, instead I managed to pull myself together, have a word in my own ear and give myself a kick up the rear. I did a lot to make my body healthy before conceiving BB. BB2 deserves the same. Also, If I retain an extra 6 kg after this pregnancy, and the same next time, I will be real fattie.

On Monday I walked for 90 minutes. Yesterday was pretty much all taken up with a play date so not a great deal happened exercise wise, unless chasing a crawling boy around counts! Today, despite the fatigue, I dragged the Wii out. If I just do 5 mins that's better than nothing, right? Good old Wii tells me that it's 47 days since my last work out, that I have really gained weight and it's not that the health centre scales are faulty, and that my Wii fit age has gone from being in the 30's to 44! Hmmph!

I started gently, with balance exercises, but then moved on to some aerobics. 1 hour later, I am feeling quite pleased with my (not so) little self.

I have also started using the weight watchers tracker again, and adjusted the points total for the fact that I have started weaning. It's going OK so far. The goal is to be the weight I was before conceiving by the time BB is 1. That's 6 kg to go.

I hope I have better news when I post on this next!

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  1. I am in the exact same situation! I'm going to get back to healthy eating and trying to exercise regularly, instead of sporadically - well, I'm going to start as soon as I'm back from vacation. Post your progress, so I can use you as motivation! :)