A VERY Blissful Life

I am so incredibly happy at the moment. I feel like I have the perfect life. BB is a very happy and sociable  baby who is just delightful to interact with. The house is in order and everything is at least as well organised as it was before baby. I'm not working.

Our days consist of getting up, doing the washing and other chores such as feeding the chooks, baking, a little housework - and then we play. We go for walks, we swim, we sing. BB is so fascinated by everything, hours pass as I observe things closely that I normally wouldn't give a second glance - the world really is amazing when you take the time to see.

He has reached a few of life's major milestones. He can bounce himself like a crazy thing in his bouncer , he coos and gurgles, he's rolling and trying to crawl (he can move backwards but hasn't mastered the forward thing yet which causes a great deal of frustration).

Today we started the weaning process with some mango puree

Mmm - what's this?

Wooo hooo! That's a taste sensation!

I'll happily have more of that!

Let me try and do it myself

Oooh - you can do finger painting with it too!
As you can see, the food was well received. He has been ready for a while now, grabbing at our plates and watching closely every time we put things to our mouths. We held him off though, partly to make travelling easier on our recent trip to Australia, but also, having read that early weaning and lead to obesity in adulthood, we thought it a good idea to wait - he is a big boy already, having just passed the 10kg mark.

Weaning has lead to an interesting mix of emotions for me. As I mentioned above, I am in a very good place mentally at the moment, as blissful as can be. I am excited that my little boy has reached this milestone. At the same time I am a bit sad - I am proud that I have 'grown him' to 10 kg all by my self, and I guess in a way I am mourning the fact that he will no longer be 100% grown by me!

He is still 100% gorgeous though!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Emma and I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, writer, teacher, coach and mentor. I am passionate about eating real food, learning, travel and health. I get to spend my days with my amazing son who has chosen to learn from the world rather than at school. We write to share the life we love and to help others create a life they love too.


  1. Oh my goodness he is.
    It is amazing watching them pass through each milestone and sometimes those milestones make you feel they are just moving a bit further away from you, but they are 'always' there, don't you forget that and they are always 100% made by you. What a lovely opportunity you have Em to experience a simple life, enjoying BB for his spirit and soul and pottering along with nature. These early years are so, so very important for him and he is an amazingly lucky boy to have a mama like you (and a papa like J!)
    Cherish every single moment and, just like the seeds we plant, watch him grow with pride, knowing that he was and is indeed 100% you (well - 50 really ;-) but you know what I mean!) Love you xx

  2. Well technically he is 100% himself - I just grew him... and when you see him next, I am sure you will see at least 50% J in there!

    I do feel very lucky to be spending my life with this little guy though. I remember when he was very small, cherishing each little moment, and feeling sad that the moment would pass, but I am realising the words of another good friend are so true - every stage they go through is the best stage... I wonder if that holds true in the teenage years!

    I think his gift to me is that he forces me to be in the moment with him, which is probably why I'm so happy.

  3. I started solids for my son at almost the exact same age - though at 8 months he just weighed in at 10.4kgs - and I though my boy was big! LOL I felt the same way when he started eating food, a little sad that he was no longer 100% me.

  4. I enjoyed your weaning posts Shannon - so far so good here, but I made notes about those mesh things!

    I am so pleased to hear that your beautiful boy is doing well.