So, where am I?

I just had my four-year anniversary of life in "The Alice". It is a place that I love.

The weather is awesome for most of the year - clear blue skies almost every day. Winter is the best - cold nights and sunny days that create that ZINGmoments where you jump out of bed to the crisp morning air, clear blue skies, and the brightest sunshine - so energised and invigorated, ready for the day ahead.

I have a nice but simple home
and enjoy regular visits to the Telegraph Station Reserve, which is right on my doorstep - see this view each time as my house is in the trees at the end of this road.
I have a great job working for the Education Department as the officer for Environmental Education for Sustainability for the Southern region of the Northern Territory. I am based at the Alice Springs Desert Park, which incidentally David Attenborough rates as the best Biopark in the world, and work with teachers, students, communities and organisations across the Southern Region. I get to meet the most amazing people and really enjoy my work.

If you are really that interested to know more about what I do for work, check out the EE4S-CA blog and the Desert Park Education Wiki.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Emma and I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, writer, teacher, coach and mentor. I am passionate about eating real food, learning, travel and health. I get to spend my days with my amazing son who has chosen to learn from the world rather than at school. We write to share the life we love and to help others create a life they love too.

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