Friday, June 1, 2012

Money Money Money

So, we have good news and bad.

Lets get the bad news over first - I still spent £243 more than I had money coming in. However, I am impressed with myself really.

Firstly, I had a few things to deal with.

Replacing BB's lunch bag and contents cost me £40.
Then my shower broke! Fortunately the part was provided free as there had been problems with it so I just had to find a friendly plumber £10
Then the window washer on my car went wrong £87

I also paid for my phone line rental up front for the year so as to get it at a cheaper price overall £129

All of that comes to £266, so I was actually £23 under budget if you were to exclude those things.

Of course, in reality you can't exclude those things. The money has to come from somewhere. What it has taught me is that I need to factor in money for unexpected costs each month. Hopefully I can do that.

I changed my energy supplier for a saving of £8 per month, my phone will of course be cheaper having paid the line rental already, I am going to change internet providers when my contract ends in October.

The weather has finally warmed up too, so I have planted lots of salad leaves, and tomatoes which should save me a little on shopping.

I also turned the temperature down on the hot water, more for BB's sake as he is increasingly interested in the taps when he is the bath, but there should be a knock on effect of saving on the gas bill too.

I was definitely smarter in the supermarket this month. On the most recent shop, right at the end of the month, I didn't buy a single thing at full price. I am also buying smaller amounts and shopping more frequently which means less waste. We also ate a lot more eggs than usual and gave less away than usual.

This month is going to be a challenge. I have to service, tax, and insure the car. Hopefully, with that aside, I will be on track with everything else.

Definitely feeling more confident that this is possible!

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