A Blissful Weekend

Sunshine, blue skies, warmth, family, picnics, garden dining, and a boy who has started to sleep for 10+ hours straight at night. What more could a Mama want!

Yesterday I spent a full day away from BB, for the first time ever, as I attended a training day for NCT volunteers. I was very anxious at first, every time I looked in my mirror on the drive to the venue, my heart would skip a beat on seeing that BB wasn't in his seat, but once I arrived and got into the swing of things it was good.

BB got to spend the day with Daddy, which I am sure was lots of fun for both of them. They danced to all the Eurovision songs being played on the radio and went to the summer fayre at the local pre-school, the one that BB may attend.

Uncle P also came to join us for a day, we had picnic in a local garden that was open as part of the National Gardens Scheme. After lunch, Uncle P and BB did some walking practice.

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  1. Leaving them for how ever little time doesn't get any easier with age my lovely. I had to leave mine with Ren last night as I had a shift - she's 24 and wonderful, but still, I had pangs of anxiety that the house would burn down, a vampire would come and bite them all or that there would be an earthquake...the rationality becomes no less severe - our babies are fragments of our own being and heart.