Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BB's Health Update

OK - for the update.

First we saw the child health nurse. My favourite one. She said that she thought BB was fine, and that it was just a standard procedure to mention all possibilities. She said that she would go ahead with the paediatrician appt. and if the Paed thought BB needed referring to the Respiratory Physiologist they would do that. She said she thought he could have a bit of asthma, but that there is a preference not to diagnose it early as babies often grow out of it.  I have thought the same myself as his cough sounds a bit like my cough when I used to get asthma.

Then we saw a Dr who examined him and said that his lungs were totally clear today so nothing to worry about there. His cold is probably just another cold (quite likely - every other child we know has one at the moment!) I asked him if we chould cancel our appointment and he said no. He said to follow our own GP's advice as he would have made the referral for a reason (from the notes that would seem to be recurring and persistent chest infections) If you remember our GP said to see the RP if possible.

So, very good news, but still the dilemma!

I am thinking that there is not near and present danger I might change the appointment and wait to see an RP. Thoughts welcome once again.

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  1. Great news!

    I think I agree with you - if there's no immediate danger, the RP might be the best person to see.

  2. Tough call...since there is no immediate dange, seeing the RP might be best since they are specialized & it may give you peace of mind knowing you have the appt.

  3. I agree...no immediate danger so wait for the RP just b/c that is who your doctor told you to go to.