What would you do?

Hi all, I am writing this post for a bit of moral support and guidance... and if you happen to have a professional opinion (I know some of my readers may have) then that would be great.

BB has had a cold and a cough since April. A couple of times I have thought it has gone away, but then a few days later it is back. I am not quite sure if it is the same one, or multiple colds.

A couple of weeks ago his cough was really bad at night. I have been taking his temperature all along and it has remained normal, but that night the cough had me googling. Could it be croup? I also remembered a friend telling me that her son had pneumonia once without her realising... so after scaring myself with google and friends' tales, I decided to take him to the Doctor.

The Doctor examined BB and said that this would have started as a viral cold, but that he could now tell that it was bacterial as it was located in only the bottom half of his right lung (he could hear on his stethoscope - for those of you wondering!). Apparently if it was viral it would be all over both lungs. I was feeling very pleased with myself after our visit, as the Doctor congratulated me on my timing, saying that it had been long enough for it to heal itself if it was going to and hadn't yet become bronchitis or pneumonia, but it could if left untreated. He prescribed some antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and said that would clear it up.

A week later the cold symptoms had gone, but the cough and the crackly chest were still there. I made another appointment with the Doctor. He examined BB again and said that there had been no change in his lung. He said it was puzzling as the symptoms suggested a bacterial infection, but that the antibiotics would have cleared that up if it were the case. He said he didn't know what else could cause a patch on the lung like this and that he would refer us to a Respiratory Physiologist. We would get a letter in the mail about making an appointment.

I left, rather worried about the idea of a patch of anything on my baby's lung, and a little bit tearful. I did a bit of googling to see what I could find, but I didn't like what I saw and decided that it would be healthier for me to try not to look any further.

A few days later the letter came. It hit me quite hard really as it did mention the (I think remote) possibility of the C word, and it was hard to see that written down. It does however promise that if such a thing is suspected, things will get moving within 2 weeks.

I have to congratulate the NHS again as the process was really easy. We were sent a reference number and a password to go online and choose where we like to go for this referral. We had five choices at a total of three hospitals. Two of those choices were with Respiratory Physiologists as our GP had suggested, and 3 were for General Paediatricians. You just select which one you would like and check for the first available appointment.

But -then it got complicated. We can't see a Respiratory Physiologist until mid August! That seems way too long to wait. The earliest possible appointment is with a General Paediatrician on 9th July. I rang the advice line and was told that the Paediatrician should be able to tell us if the C thing is a possibility which means that we would be seeing the right people and getting the right treatment by 23rd July at the latest. This is four weeks before it would be if we wait to see an RP. I chose the 9th July option.

Now I am wondering if I am letting my fear of the unlikely get in the way of what is best for BB. The GP did say to see an RP if possible. He more likely has something wrong with his lungs that is not the C thing.

Also, my thoughts were that our GP should have prescribed more antibiotics... the cold had gone but the cough was lingering... could they have been working? 6 days after finishing the antibiotics, the cold is back too.

I have been trying to contact my GP to ask his advice re the hospital appointment, and also regarding having another course of Antibiotics in the meantime. I am yet to speak to him. Perhaps the only way is to actually make an appointment, but I don't want to waste his time if he is just going to tell us to wait. Should I try another GP? That seems a bit rude, particularly as we have a referral and an appointment already. Perhaps I should just wait patiently... but its hard.

Your thoughts please?

To end on a cheerier note - here is BB enjoying himself in the bath today - as you can see, he is his usual happy self!

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  1. BM, i'm not sure I can say anything to make the situation better or to make you feel happier, any illness affecting ones children tugs at your heart strings, but the big C word being mentioned must have broken your heart, not just tugged. It will be the longest two week wait of your life i'm sure, but it is a wait you must do, and try and be strong. I think you also have every right calling the doctor and making an appointment, he will want to know the progress, and will act as a mentor/councillor. Good luck x Please keep me posted, my thoughts and love are with you, Rae E x

  2. Oh sweetie, why haven't you rung me? I'm sorry you're feeling like this and that BB isn't right. Hopefully it really is something and nothing, but I hear you when you say how worried you are. Keep on at the doc and seek out his/her advice. It might be worth keeping the appointment with the paed because if they are then concerned, they'll get the respiratory specialist to see him anyway, but they'll also be able to look at the other issue, which the RS might not have as much expertise in. When T had pneumonia, although it came on fast, he went down hill fast. I hope you get answers really soon hon xx

  3. Thanks for this Mama Bee and Jack's Aunty. I think I will make another appointment at the docs tomorrow if I can then, and see if he thinks more ab's are worth a try... I think they could have been working as he was getting better on them and since he came off them is getting worse again...

    They are a worry aren't they these little beans! I am not shaking in my boots re the C thing BTW. I think it is much more likely to be something else, but there is that shaddow in the back of my mind which is ugly... I'm fine when I don't think about it! I just want him better quickly!

  4. Hi BM. So sorry to hear BB hasn't been well. Big hugs to you - no-one ever wants to hear the C word mentioned with their children, but hopefully they were just providing a comprehensive list of possible, if unlikely, explanations. Like on product disclosures. I see you're going to the docs again anyway. My HO, for its worth, is to snap up the RP visit while it's on offer, particularly if you think it's inevitable. Is there any possibility of making a direct appointment with an alternate RP? I can't remember how the system works over there. Would there be a closer date if you travelled to London, for example? Your little dude looks so happy, that's always a good sign. Lots of luck. Keep us posted.

    1. Thanks Mama Bear, yes I think it is just like product disclosures. I am guessing also that the Dr might not be 'allowed' to advise me anyway... they have given me 5 options, up to me to choose, so I can't sue them later if the wrong choice is made! I think its mostl likely nothing serious, but I have read a few studies that suggest that babies that gain weight fast as BB did can have problems with lung development, so that's the thing I really want to get checked and what makes me think an RP might be the way to go...

  5. I rang the surgery for an appointment and our doctor is not in today, so we are seeing someone else anyway... not sure if that is a good thing or not... His lungs seem les craclky today, and his cold is worse... perhaps it's coming out! Who knows!

    I'll report back later