Officially Off The Couch

I'm officially off the couch!

Regular readers will know that I have been on a bit of a health kick for a while. I've spent several years trying to find out what works for me nutritionally and finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I've been flooding my body with a high quality whole food supplement for 7 months now, my systemic inflammation has gone, my pain has gone, my energy is up and my weight is going down. I even look like a different person.

I've set some goals for the year ahead, and running in the Albany City to Surf is one of them. I plan to run the whole 4km option. Not huge I know, but for me it is. It has been a very long time since I ran. I used to try and do a 5 km every year - just to be sure I still could, but I have never ran any further than that.

A long time until know that is. Last week I managed to break out into a little trot a couple of times whilst I was walking on the treadmill, and today I finally took the leap and started the Podrunner Couch to 5k  . It was good. I managed the whole session which I am proud of myself for. I was even feeling so good that I was thinking that maybe I should set a stretch goal and try for the 12km... but that could be crazy. Next year though...

Running on a treadmill is new to me but my only option really as a single mum. It's going to take a bit of getting used to. I need to remember that when the interval has ended and its time to go back to walking I also need to slow the treadmill down! I'll soon learn.

Although I did wonder about looking for a new program and some new music, I ended up going back to the same interval series that I have used in the past. It brought back lots of memories, so I was simultaneously running through the Telegraph Station in Alice Springs at the crack of dawn trying to beat the scorching sun, and along a canal path in the UK trying to dodge the rain drops, and on a treadmill in Albany.  It was nice. I feel so grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience life in so many different places.

And it feels good to be able to run again.

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