The Juicy Body Transformation

The Juicy Body Transformation
The Juicy Body Transformation

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know that I once followed an elimination diet and blogged about it. It was probably my worst paid blogging job ever, but it was brilliant in that it helped me to identify foods that don't really work for me. The main culprits were wheat, sugar and alcohol, and dairy was a bit suspect too.

After this I went on and tried various different diets. Simply replacing wheat laden foods with wheat free or gluten free alternatives was not something I wanted to consider. I wanted to reduce my refined sugars and starch not increase them. I did the Whole30 a couple of times which I really loved. It got me into eating better balanced meals and I rediscovered the simplicity of the ways my grandparents used to cook - essentially meat (or other protein source) and two veg, and to let go of any concern about eating plenty of good fats. My only issue with it was that I found it hard to eat three proper meals like that every day. Hard in that I had to buy and prepare them, but also hard in that I had to eat that much. Really, two good meals like that in a day was enough, for the other one it was nice just to have a simple meal, such as a plate of steamed veggies or a smoothie.

The Whole30 led me to explore the paleo diet. This too made a lot of sense to me. I definitely feel healthier when I avoid the refined grains, the only issue being that I am not a big fan of meat. I was in fact vegetarian for 27 years. I have been trying to include more meat in my diet, but really all I can manage is chicken, fish and bacon, and there's only so many things you can do with those.

By a sheer stroke of luck, I recently came across the Juicy Body Transformation. This program is everything I was looking for. I've even heard the author,  Masterchef finalist Kira Westwick, describe it as veggie meets paleo. There are lots of great recipes that are rich in vitality - lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, clean treats, low on the refined grains, dairy and red meat and not paranoid about fat. Many of the recipes are great for the whole family so the Blissful Boy is loving them too. He's particularly happy with the chicken nuggets (which sneak in some veggies) and the chocolate treats.

I have been absolutely loving the program. It has totally got me back on track with eating good wholesome food. The recipes are really inspiring too. I've had some great results from the program so far too, a little weight loss, more energy, clearer skin, less pain, less inflammation.

This is how I am doing after 30 days. Lots of people on the program have truly amazing skin. I really didn't think that mine had changed until I looked at these photos. I think most of the change is a result of losing the inflammation. My eyes are brighter too. My whole face seems lifted too - I think this is just because I am happier

I have been exercising more too. This is because I have a lot more energy than I did before.   My body shape has definitely changed, but also you can see that my right shoulder has lifted. Not really sure what the cause of this is - I just know that I have a lower back and hip problem that causes my right side to be lower, and now that's not so much the case.

The Juicy Body Transformation, or JBT as it is also known, also comes with free lifetime membership to a support group.

Ask me if you want more information on how you can access this program and support group FREE.

Juicy Body Transformation Guide
Juicy Body Transformation Guide - Available FREE - Ask me how

JBT Juicy Body Transformation
Updated July 2018 - my JBT story

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