Plan B, C and D

 Life is quite exciting in our house as we begin to think about going to Australia. I have planned several different routes around the country, including some that take us to every state and territory, considered the pros and cons of different cars, thought about toys and games that are good for travel etc etc.

The first route was in the last post, to head north after our first stop on the Sunshine Coast, but then I thought about going south - so many more friends we can visit on that route, including BB's grandparents. But then we would have to drive up and back to Alice. do I want to do that? Also driving around the Eastern states would be fun. Lots of things to see and do, places to stop and friends every 200km or so which is very convenient of them. But then the drive up to Alice, then back again cross the Nullarbor and down to Albany is not so appealing. BB asks if we are nearly there yet way too often for that to be pleasant. And then what if we got to Albany and decided that the Sunshine Coast was a better place for us to live - then we'd have to drive all the way back!

So perhaps we should just fly.

The thing is I like to have my own wheels. And if we do end up living in Albany or even coming back to the UK (I think unlikely but I'm not ruling it out) then we really should make the most of the opportunity to do a tour of the south east and say hello to all our friends.

Then of course there is the fact that every time I have ever been to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast I have felt like I should live there. It does have a lot going for it.  I could well get there and suddenly find 6 years have passed and we didn't go to the next place yet!

I was talking about this with a friend yesterday and mentioned that I might just get arrive and not move. She looked horrified and said I should make a plan and book something so I don't get stuck. I thought about it for a moment, but I wont do that. Perhaps we should actually stay a while and see. One of my concerns is that I wont like the humidity of the summer, but I have never actually been there in summer so I don't really know - its only sub tropical, not like the top end... it might be OK! Maybe we could rent a little place for summer and really check it out.

I am actually loving the idea of having that freedom again, of having no commitments as to where we need to be tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, or even in a month or three. I am happy to just wait and see what happens. And in my head there is a plan for every eventuality.

I think we have at least decided we are going coastal...

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