And so, we are back to plan A

 I laugh at myself sometimes.

I infuriate myself sometimes.

And at other times I am pleased that I have planned a thousand different scenarios, as once I have decided there is always a plan ready to go with.

So, following on from my last post about moving house, where I planned to go to Australia while we were waiting for the people to move out of our new house. First of all I noticed that I was excited about the move for the first time. I have been a bit indifferent, not really wanting to sell this house, but not wanting to live here either. I have been wondering if the new house really did meet our needs, and if I was buying at too high a price, and whether I would be swearing that there was no downstairs office or a laundry, and that the bathroom was tiny. And although it would save us time and petrol in travelling, and was located near a nice country park, would anything really change with regard to how happy I am here?

I also realised that what was exciting me was not leaving this house, or moving to the new one, but going to Australia. Though 8 weeks really didn't seem quite long enough once I started to think about all the places we needed to go and the people we needed to see. Then I had an voicemail from my solicitor saying that he had heard nothing from the solicitors of either the people I was buying from or the people that were buying from me, and so he was assuming nothing was going ahead with either.

After a brief moment of despair regarding the fact that I had no control over any of it, I suddenly felt relieved. Great. That's the decision made for me then, we won't sell our house, we won't buy a new house, but we can still go to Australia, and if we rent our house out we will have an income while we are on our trip. Yippee. And we can go after the English summer, arriving in Queensland before the humidity, then to the desert before the heat gets too intense, and then down to the south coast for summer. Hip hip hooray!

And then I got an email saying my buyer was still interested and it was just that their solicitor was slow...


So I spent a few days with an intense migraine trying to pluck up the courage to do what I knew I had to do. I had to tell our family of our plans ASAP and then tell the real estate agent we're not selling.

So  - thats what I've done.

I just notified the real estate agent so that bit is done. He was nice about it. Hopefully the rest will go as smoothly and we will get to spend some quality time in Australia and I will get to see some of my dearest friends for the first time in ages!

White sands, clear waters and blue skies here we come!

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