Happy Chinese New Year - The Great Race Book Review

Seeing as I have been reviewing books for a few years it is very exciting to now be able to write about books that I am selling myself through Barefoot Books. And seeing as today is Chinese New Year, I couldn't think of a better place to start that by telling you all about The Great Race - The story of the Chinese Zodiac.

The Great Race - Chinese New Year Barefoot Children's book review

This is a picture book with a target audience of 4- 9 years olds, though it can be read to and enjoyed by younger children. The story tells a tale of how the different animals came to represent the different years in the Chinese calendar. "I'll hold a race!" The Jade emperor cried, "The first year of our new calendar shall be named after the winner"

The Great Race - Chinese New Year Barefoot Children's book review

As with many of the Barefoot Books, this is more than just a story. The end notes include further information on the Chinese Calendar, some Important Days in the Calendar and the characteristics of the animals and the years that they represent.

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