Am I completely bonkers to even consider this?

 The update on our house move is that there is no update. It's five weeks since we made an offer on a house and the vendors still haven't found a place to move to. From what I can gather they are not even looking that hard. From what their agent tells me, they are only looking at about one a week. I understand their problem, they want to stay in the area they are in and there is very little on the market in that area at the moment.

Meanwhile, my buyer is starting to wonder what's happening. I waiver between not being concerned at all, thinking that I like my house anyway and it's fine, to thinking maybe I should just sell and move out. I have also considered trying to get a mortgage in it and keeping it as a rental, but realistically I don't think I can afford that. Although it is a great house with all that we want and needs, it's not where we want to be, so, sad as I will be to say goodbye to the house that gave me a family, it has to go.

So I am thinking that we should just go. Agree to the sale and move out. We can put our stuff in storage for a while and go to Australia to visit our friends during our homeless period, and then hope the people that we are buying from have found somewhere, or look for somewhere else. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. My nan's bungalow may have sold by then too, and as a small portion of that has been left to me that will make a difference to how much we have to spend, so I will have a better idea of my own financial position once that's done. It's a great time to go overseas as we won't have any costs back home while we are away. Ideally, I would choose to go to Australia in our winter rather than our summer - just to maximise the amount of sunlight we receive, but actually, for two out of the three places we want to go within Australia, it's a better time of year to visit.

But - is that a completely irresponsible thing to do when you have a 3 1/2-year-old. If it was just me I would have already made the calls to make it happen, but what if we get home and have nowhere to live! Again if it was just me I could make it work, no doubt I can make it work with the two of us, we could rent for a while if it came to it. But is that fair on BB?


Your thoughts, please...

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