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For a while now I have been thinking that establishing a regular family movie night would be a great idea, so when I was offered the chance to get a free copy of The Lego Movie from, in exchange for writing about it, I jumped at the chance to get this thing started.

The first thing I noticed is that it is HARD to watch a movie. Two reasons for that really. One is BB, and the other is me. BB interrupted a lot, wanting things to eat, drink, can you play this, do this, etc etc. And as for me, it seems I really don't have the attention span to watch a whole movie these days. There was even a time when BB was looking at the iPad and I was looking at something on my phone too. What are we like? Oh yes, we are supposed to be watching a movie!

It was a good exercise though, were were bad at it, we needed rules. Movie night needs to be planned. We need prepared TV snacks, iPads and phones must be banned, we have sit down and just watch. We needed to practice that. After several failed attempts we finally got it right tonight and sat down and watched the whole movie from start to finish. It was good. We must make a habit of this!

As for The Lego Movie, we LOVE it. It has now played all the way through about five times. I have watched bits here and there, and then finally managed the whole thing from start to finish tonight. BB has seen it more than me. He loves it too. He talks about the 'Lego Man' a lot and has told me he wishes I was a Wyldstyle Lady! Well I guess when you think about it, it combines all his favourite things  - there is lego, building sites, machines, and trains, so he is bound to be more than happy!

I was concerned at first that it was a bit violent for a U. BB is only 3 and he certainly hasn't seen this much fighting before. I have desensitised as it has gone on though - perhaps I was over sensitive to begin with - they are not real people - there is no blood. BB certainly wasn't bothered by it - he was a bit scared in the scenes where the 'Lego Man' is falling, but the fighting didn't bother him at all. It is a very funny movie too, entertaining on a number of levels, with some excellent social and human observations and some brilliant one liners  (one of my faves was "rest in pieces"). It's a perfect family movie, with something for everyone.

For those who haven't seen it, the central character who BB calls the Lego man is actually called Emmet Brickowowski. He is just an ordinary guy. He works on a construction site, and lives a lonely life, keeping him self going with a combinations of delusion and self help books. Many of us will find aspects of his character that we identify with in the opening scenes. Emmet sees Wylsdstyle (a woman he finds very attractive) on the building site after hours, and goes to investigate. He falls down a hole, and finds himself compelled to touch the 'Piece of Resistance'. He is then captured by the 'Bad Cop' and rescued by Wyldestyle, who believes him to be the prophesised 'Special'.

The story unfolds from here and I won't give away any more - watch the movie - you will like it.

To add another level, it turns out that the whole story is actually being played out by a real life small boy who is 'just playing' with his Dad's lego set in the basement. "You know the rules, this isn't a toy!"

In addition to all this, there is a definite feel good message that comes through - something along the lines of the only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be, only you can be you and do what you do, build what you build, make whatever weird thing comes into your head, contribute, and together we can... 

The theme song, Everything is Awesome is a great feel good song too. It does get stuck in your head, but there are worse things to be singing!

In summary, I loved this movie and so did BB. I am really happy that it is the first movie in our family DVD collection and look forward to adding more. I also hope we get better at putting life, iPads, phones and other stuff aside and sitting down and enjoying a good movie on a regular basis.

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