The Fish with The Deep Sea Smile - Book Review

The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile has to be one of our favourites from the Parragon Book Buddies Scheme so far. The illustrations are awesome - we love the colours and the style. The text is also one of the best we have had. Simple words which rhyme and repeat, ideal for a young child learning to read. They also flow well, giving the book a certain rhythm that makes it a pleasure to read and listen to.

In summary, it is a tale of a a small family who are fishing. They are looking for a particular fish - the one with the deep sea smile. They fish and they fish, and they catch lots of fish. Fish with all sorts of different features, but not the one with the deep sea smile. They don't give up though, they carry on fishing, and finally they catch their fish. He smiles his deep sea smile and the hook comes free...

A lovely tale. I would definitely recommend this one.

Disclaimer: This book was received free of charge for the purpose of this review as part of the Parragon Book Buddies Program. All opinions are our own.

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