Everybody Loves Butterflies - Book Review

Everybody Loves Butterflies is another beautifully illustrated story book that BB and I have been sent as part of the Parragon Book Buddies program.

It is a lovely tale of a caterpillar that doesn't want to turn into a butterfly, as he is happy with the way he is now. His friends try and tell him how great it will be, but he just doesn't believe them. Finally he realises that that he will still be himself, but he will be able to do all sorts of new things too - like loop the loop for example.

As well as being a lovely story, I can see this being an ideal book for child that is worried about change. BB currently goes to nursery for 2 mornings a week but will start pre-school in September. He always looks at the 'big kids' as we go by, but when I mentioned to him that he will go there one day he responded with a worried voice that they were too big… I can see this book being read a lot as we lead up to that period of change.

Meantime we'll just enjoy it as it is!

The book will be released for sale on 13th January 2014 and can be purchased from Amazon or The Book Depository

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