Whole30 October


Yes I am at it again. Another Whole30.


I just feel so much better when I am doing a Whole30 than when I'm not, even though I have been quite good and more or less stuck to a paleo diet in the meantime. I also feel the need to focus once again on eating proper meals. I am eating more meat and fish, I am cooking with coconut oil, avocado oil and ghee only, I am avoiding dried legumes (but do occasionally eat fresh peas and beans). I am totally convinced beyond any doubt that my life is better without grains, but I am still not sure about dairy, so that is the real test this time.

I have also been eating several 'paleo' things of late that are not whole30, in particular almond flour. I love almond flour and it's great that it is there for an alternative to wheat flour when needed, but I have come to the conclusion that it is best not overused. I managed since April without any bread at all, but made a couple of loaves of almond flour bread in the last month. My query is that it's not natural to eat that many almonds either. It feels heavy in my belly.

I found this interesting article on why you should avoid almond flour, and this one which rebuts all the arguments raised saying that it's ok if you eat sensible portions. I think that's where my problem lies. Did I just eat one slice of bread? No? Just one almond flour cookie? No. The problem is not the almond flour but the eater! The thing is if I make a loaf of bread or a batch of cookies, they do need eating in a certain period of time, so even if I could control myself there would be the problem of wastage. I guess I could try freezing things, but really, it's not worth it. It's great to have some recipes up my sleeve for when I have guests coming, or if we are visiting friends and taking something I can eat, but in general, I think those kind of foods should be special occasions only.

The other evil thing that has crept back into my diet it sugar.  Sugar is the work of the devil - enough said!

I am also hoping to get a bit of portion control sorted this time. I struggled to eat three meals a day last time - but I figure that if I had smaller portions that wouldn't be so hard. Indeed it would be a huge step for future management! That said, I am going to allow myself a 'cheat', and that is that on occasions when I really don't want to eat a meal I will make myself a healthy vegetable juice instead (juicing is officially not allowed on the Whole30, so if you are following me for advice on how to do it - please don't juice anything - just eat real food!).

I am not planning to blog about what I eat everyday. Partly because I don't have the time, but also because it's not that interesting to lots of my readers. The reason I blogged the previous two times was that it kept me accountable - I had to eat Whole30 compliant food if I had to blog about it. I have fallen off the wagon on the times I have not had that accountability - that's silly I know but true. I intend to use instagram instead, and hope that keeps me in line. If I create a delicious recipe that's worth sharing I will try and post that though.

So, if you came here for ideas on what to eat, you may be interested in my Whole30 Daily Pinterest Board or Whole 30 Recipes, and perhaps my archive of Whole 30 Daily and Whole 30 posts on this site.

I know several people doing the Whole30 this month, through Google+,  Instagram, Twitter etc. and it's great to have the connections and moral support. If you are doing the Whole30 and you would like to share a link to your profile, please email me and I will add a link to it at the end of this post.

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