Things BB says and does

I have been meaning to write a regular post dedicated to BB's developments,  but as you will know it hasn't really happened. I am finally getting around to it. My sister came around this week with a second hand note book she had found and told me I had to write down the things he says in it. Great idea in theory, but I declined her suggestion rather than take on another thing I know I'll fail at.  This upset her, but I managed to stand my ground. I already have two books especially designed to write in that I haven't updated for ages, making me feel guilty enough already, I don't need a third. She tried harder to convince me by saying it was for my Nan, but my Nan is blind, so she wont be reading it. I do make little voice recordings every now and again for my nan - I should do something with them, like play them to her! 

The good thing is that the guilt and the prod has made me sit down this morning and write. That, and the fact that BB jumped out of bed this morning and then grabbed my hand and said "Follow me please Mum" which was so cute. Yesterday in the supermarket he told me I was his favourite Mum (not sure who the others are!) and last night as he went to bed he said "I - love - you - Mum", with a big space between each word.

He is currently laying on the stairs in the dirty washing! He likes to do this. I always drop the washing down the stairs so as I don't have so many things to carry down. Today he went and sat in the space and asked me to drop it on him. He has been there, quite content, for a while. The sheets are from the bed DD slept in last time he was here, so I am guessing it is the smell of Daddy that he likes - though I am not sure that he realises that himself.

He also likes to do grown up things, like driving the car. Whenever we get home he likes to get out of his car seat and climb through to the drivers seat, where he is happy to sit for a while. He especially loves it if I get in the passenger seat, then he tells me where we are going (usually to see Nana, or to London).

He loves playing shops from his little house, selling fruit and veg, ice cream and "coffee tea". He loves wearing my shoes. I have a pair of slip ons that I keep by the back door so that I can easily pop out into the garden, but invariably they are halfway across the yard and full of water when I need them. He loves to wear my sunglasses too, though I get nervous as they are prescription ones. When I tried to buy him some of his own he "No like it"!

He misses the chickens. He tells me to get more all the time. When we go and see his friend T though he loves the big garden. So last time when we came home to our small one and he declared he wanted to go back to T's house and play on the slide, I tried to have a grown up conversation with him about what we should do with the garden. I explained that we could have a bigger garden and a slide or more chickens. He stood by the gate to the chicken run looking contemplative for a moment, and then said "Slide in there!" I am sure BB would be more than happy with a slide in the chicken run. Not sure about the chooks though, or the salmonella, or the washing! I was blown away by his creative thinking and problem solving skills though - genius surely!

Other things he says which I must note are

Frogosaur - dinosaur
Rocket Sam - Fireman Sam
My helping - I must help you, now!
Floff - fell off
Mout - come out

I also love how he says "Try again Mummy" if I do something wrong, or not to his liking. He often said "Ooops, mess - [BB] did it!" "Help! Mummy, help!" is also a common phrase when he gets himself in a pickle.

He has impeccable manners at the moment too, and uses them to his advantage. "Would you like a clean nappy?" usually invites the response, "No thank you Mummy", as does giving him food he doesn't fancy right now, or putting him in the pushchair when he wants to walk. He also uses thank you in advance, a trick I learnt as a teacher to get kids to do things by acting like they already did. He must have learnt it from me, but it is funny to see none the less.

I'll leave it there, but now I have started, I'll try and make this a more regular feature.

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  1. Very good idea to write this all down, but who has the time!!?? I think a thousand times a day, "I have to write that down." But can never remember when I do have the time. I keep trying tho!!