I love winter clothes!

I thought I would try and write something a bit more light hearted and Blissful today, and have been inspired by getting out my coat and scarves this morning, and by packing BB off to nursery in his little puffer jacket. He looks so cute - he's not quite so impressed though, having a preference for shorts and T-shirts.

I absolutely love winter clothes.  They are one of the things I actually prefer about living in the UK rather than the desert. Don't get me wrong, I love summer clothes too! It's great just to be able to throw on a little dress and be done, but I think you can look so much more stylish and elegant in winter clothes. You can wear styles that flatter your body and hide all the right bits - there's no hiding in a strappy top!

I love coats, hats, gloves and scarves. I am a big fan of long sleeved T-shirts, woolly jumpers and layering. Most of all I think I love the boots, or maybe its the boot cut trousers that magically streamline and lengthen your pins. I find it much easier to look and feel good in what I am wearing in the winter.

My favourite weather is days like today too; the sun is shining in my little part of the world, not a cloud in the sky, the air is fresh and crisp. It makes me want to put on my coat and boots and go and kick my way through some autumn leaves - and that's exactly what we'll do when I pick BB up from nursery later.

Image from Sydney Morning Herald

Do you prefer summer or winter clothes? What is the thing you love most about them, and why?

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