Dressing for Winter

The weather here has turned. Last Monday it was still quite warm, on Tuesday it was so cold our central heating came on. Suddenly it was time to take the sunscreen and hat out of BB's nursery bag and replace it with a wooly jumper and a rain coat. I sent him off to nursery on Wednesday with quite a a mish-mash of clothing, and so we spent part of the weekend sorting through both our clothes and checking what fits.

BB is pretty well set up, mostly due to the generous amount of hand me downs we have been given by friends. He is slightly lacking long sleeved T-shirts, but it dawned on me that he can wear some of his lovely short sleeved ones that will likely be too small next summer, along with a jumper or cardigan.

My wardrobe, on the other hand, is not looking so great. You may remember that back in June one of my decisions inspired by BritMums Live  was to wear dresses again. Dresses are awesome as they are easy and comfortable to wear, you don't have to match two separate items, and you generally look quite well presented when you have one on. I did go out and buy two new dresses for summer - both the same style actually as I bought one and loved it so much I bought another in a different fabric. Two dresses was all I needed - one to wear and one in the wash. The ones I bought were quite pricey, but well worth it for the cut and quality. Several people commented on them too, so I know made good choices.

I am thinking I am going to do the same for winter. Two nice dresses should see me through. I plan to buy them before my birthday at the beginning of November and I hope to have lost a little more weight by then. Since cutting out wheat I have lost 8kg and am still very steadily losing. I am planning to do the Whole30 again in October so that should help to shift a little more.  I am going for quality again, and plan to use the money raised from selling all my maternity and oversized clothes to fund my extravagance. It will part of my 'therapy".

So one of the things I plan to occupy myself with over the coming weeks is the hunt for the perfect dress. I have started my search online, and the winner so far is this one.

What do you think?

I am absolutely in love with the pattern, and I think the cut could be very flattering. I do think I need to be a little less wobbly for it to look good, but there's a bit of motivation to exercise and eat properly over the next few weeks.

I know it has short sleeves, but my brainwave with BB wearing short sleeves in winter made me think it might be a good idea. I'll need to think about tights and a jacket or cardigan if I go with this, but being short sleeved it could work for next summer too. That's a good idea, right? More value for money. Or am I just trying to talk myself into it?

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