Underpants Thunderpants - Book Review

Underpants Thunderpants was given to us by Parragon Books at BritMums Live. At the time BB was a bit young for it. We read it, but he didn't really know what underpants were, so the story kind of went over his head.

Recently though, pants, along with bums and willies, and poos and wees, have become a hot topic with my little man. The other day I found myself having myself having a conversation in the changing room at the pool, that went something like this.

BB: Mummy does a Poo
Me: Yes Mummy does a Poo
BB: Daddy does a poo
Me: Yes, Daddy does a poo
BB: Mama does a poo
Me: Yes, Mama does a poo
BB: Dog does a poo
Me: Yes...
BB: Train does a poo
Me: No, train doesn't do a poo

Then there's the one that goes

BB: [BB] willy, Daddy willy, Mummy willy gone!

Luckily I am not the only Mum having these conversations! 

There was a lovely book that he enjoyed in French when we were on holiday that was about all the different animals sitting on the potty. There was an elephant with a big bottom, a mouse with a small bottom, a giraffe with a long bottom, a zebra with a stripy bottom etc etc, all sitting on the same potty. BB loved that, so when we got home I thought it might be time to get Underpants Thunderpants out again.

It is a HUGE hit. We are now reading it every night, at least once.

The story is about a dog who hangs his pants on the line, then a big storm comes and the pants all blow away, to different corners of the world, and are found and used in numerous creative ways by other animals.

BB likes looking at all the different pants. We go through the colours and the patterns each time, pointing out the cat pants, the boat pants, the stripey pants and the spotty pants. His favourite page is when the man falls in the poop! He is constantly saying "ATCHOO" like the elephant who uses some pants as a hanky.

I like the book too. It has nice rhymes, great illustrations, and lots of opportunities for interaction with both the text and the pictures. If you have a little boy who is starting to potty train, or even one who already wears pants, I bet he'll love this book!

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