Swimwear for a post baby body

Buying a new swimsuit is something that has been on my list for a while. My maternity tankini is finally too big, but my pre-pregnancy sporty swimsuit is still slightly inadequate when it comes to containing my post baby boobs!

I have been delaying getting a new one for several reasons. Firstly, I hope I lose more weight, secondly I'm not exactly flash with cash at the moment, and thirdly, the idea of trying on swimsuits and looking closely at my post baby body in them is not that inviting! I have lost 7 kilo's since I switched to the paleo diet, but I still have a huge wobbly belly!

It was recently suggested that I take a look at women’s swimwear range from Littlewoods. The idea of shopping from home and trying them on in the privacy of my own bedroom is really appealing. It also saves BB the agony of a shopping trip. I guess now is a great time to buy swimwear too - there could be some bargains as the summer draws to an end.

I found quite a range of swimsuits, but was particularly pleased to see a whole range of magic shape-wear that actually makes your body look better than it really is!

I decided on this one

Shapewear swimsuit from Littlewoods UK
The advantages are that you order by cup size, it has a tummy flattening panel and they have it available in my size. The disadvantage is it's not one of the many that are on sale! That's just typical, but I'm going to order it anyway.

Disclaimer: This is a featured post with Littlewoods

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