Catching up post Whole 30 - and post Paris!

Just to complete the story here, I fell off the Whole30 wagon a bit on day 24 when I enjoyed a Cappuccino, and didn't enjoy the accompanying cake. I considered my options, to start again, to give in, or to just try and keep in in control. I I went for the third. As we were about to go to Paris (on my whole 30 day 27) I decided not to worry about it too much for a while. Though I had no intentions of eating wheat or legumes, I did think it would be a little hard to eat out without dairy - plus I love French cheeses! I stuck to the Whole 30 as much as could leading up to our departure, but as one of my tasks was also to clear the fridge, the meal formulae weren't perfect, though no 'illegal' foods were consumed.

I measured myself before I left for Paris and took photos and recorded it on my secret page. I can't really see much difference in my photos to be honest, but I did lose a few cm and 4kg. While we were away I did fairly well. I resisted the temptations for pain au chocolat without much trouble at all. I did eat cheese though, and ice cream, but no grains or legumes. I also made the effort to make a good paleo breakfast every day, we walked lots and I regularly chose salad when there were options.

I was pleased to see that I had gained less than half a Kg on my return. I am however quite horrified by the beach photos and my motivation to improve that image is renewed. Today was my first morning at home and I made some  pastry free bacon quiches and sweet potato hash for breakfast, which my guests enjoyed too. When they are gone I am thinking of starting the Whole 30 again, though I may just try and eat consciously with just a small amount of dairy, and perhaps with 2 full meals and one snack a day, rather than three full meals.

The thing I really need to focus on is exercise - I have said this before! I need to get off the lap top and on to the Wii!

Starting now!

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  1. Life makes things interesting, doesn't it? Keep at it :)