Whole 30 day 17

Today started out great. My son slept until 7 so I had a bit if a lay in. This did however mean that breakfast was a little more rushed than usual as we had to go out this morning. Having just discovered the delights of mushroom and pesto omelette with sweet potato hash, along with how quick and easy it is to make from scratch, that's what I had again. I didn't bother publishing it on Instagram again, but as I considered not photographing it all I realised that this was a potential way for me to cheat. I could just say I had the same as yesterday while eating weetabix on toast! Of course I didn't eat weetabix on toast - so here's the photo.

This breakfast is quite filling so I didn't need lunch and I was quite excited about the coconut chicken I was planning for dinner. Unfortunately the chicken I used was not good (it wasn't from my usual supplier . Having been a vegetarian for so long, mostly because I didn't like meat, I am still a bit fussy. I don't like to have to chew things too much and be reminded that it's flesh in my mouth. This chicken was tough. I don't think it was my cooking method (immersed in coconut milk and garam masala, casserole style) as I have done this before and it's usually very tender.

So, anyway, I couldn't eat it. The veggies were nice, and the sauce was good. But I was still hungry. I ended up having a bowl of cashews and macadamias to fill me up, and some watermelon to follow.

Not a perfect day then - but once again, nothing that I shouldn't have eaten either.

Also doing the whole 30 July

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  1. I'm with you on the not having to chew too much - it's one of the things that astounded me when I started eating meat, how much chewing is involved! Probably why I had such bad gums as a vegetarian - not getting enough of a massage ;)
    Over half way on the Whole30 now!

  2. Re being over half way, that's good and bad for me. I can hold myself to account so easily on the whole30, but when it's done it's not so easy!

  3. Food looks good! I have the same problem "after the Whole30"....

  4. yes I saw that on your blog! 10lb gain - how are you going now? With me it's all puff - as soon as stop eating the wrong foods it goes again - I haven't really defined what those wrong foods are though. For me I think its just going to be easier to eat Paleo the whole time... As long I as make the effort to do meals... It's so hard though isn't it - when evil tempting food is everywhere!