Snap 'n' Learn Colour Caterpillars - Review

BB and I recently received a set of Snap 'n' learn colour caterpillars from Learning Resources so that we could try them out and write about them.

Snap 'n' learn colour caterpillars are designed with children aged 2-6 in mind, and although BB is not quite 2 yet he is getting a lot from them. The kit includes 15 pieces (3 heads, 3 tails, 3 large body parts, 3 medium body parts and 3 small body parts).

This might sound odd, but it is a really nice quality plastic. It feels soft and durable, there are no hard edges, and they fit nicely into small hands.

The caterpillars are assembled by clicking one piece into the next. BB is just able to assemble them, but children younger than this may well struggle with the motor skills and strength required to fit them together.  The way they are designed makes if so that you have to have a head at one end and a tail at the other, but you can arrange the body parts in any order in between.

The caterpillars lend themselves to a variety of learning opportunities. You may wish to look at the colours of the different pieces and assemble a caterpillar of all one colour (for this reason, ideally I would have liked the green caterpillar to have a green head, but perhaps I am just being a little anal!). You can also discus the names of the parts, and the size of the different pieces. You can make very ling and very short caterpillars and everything in between. You can arrange the pieces in size order, or colour order too.

On the whole I really like these and BB seems to like them too. He has played with them nearly every day since they arrived. They are well made and I think they will stand the test of time both physically and with regard to being an engaging toy for a few years to come. My only complaint would be that the container is too small. You can, with a great deal of jiggling and effort, get all of the parts back into the tub, but it is a bit annoying when they don't fit. It is impossible for BB to do it himself, and as a mum who is encouraging the behaviour of packing away your own toys this is a bit disappointing. I plan to get something else to keep them in soon. BB has however found another great use for the box, he wears it as a 'shoe' and clomps around in it.

BB  and G playing together

 Snap 'n' learn colour caterpillars can be purchased direct from the Learning Resources website or from Amazon and the RRP is £17.99. They are also available in the US.

Disclaimer: This resource was sent to me free of charge for the purposes of this review. This review is however 100% my own honest thoughts and opinions and I have not  been paid to write this!

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