Whole 30 - The Reintroduction of Rice and Milk

In case you missed the post where I wrote about my reintroduction schedule, I decided to reintroduce  the foods that I had been avoiding throughout the whole 30 one at a time, with a day in between each, and with several days in between food in the same food group.

This decision was based on my experience with elimination diet in The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss,  the Whole 30 book It Starts with Food, plus my own knowledge, including that of myself! I wanted to be sure to reintroduce things gradually and not go crazy on everything at once. I really enjoyed the food that I ate and the way that I felt.  I want to keep hold of that. I didn't want to end the process and go straight back to my old ways, I wanted to stay changed! I really feel like the Whole 30 has the potential to change the way I eat for good, but I realise there does need to be some effort on behalf.

I was planning on putting all of these in one post - but after just two days I can see that would make for a very long post - so here's the story so far.

Day 31 - Rice

I chose rice first for a few reasons, the main one being that having done the elimination diet I was fairly sure that rice was not going to cause me any problems. Another reason is that I love rice, and ever since I cooked a curry last week and served rice to BB and DD and mashed cauliflower to myself I have been hanging out for it. So tonight I made Chicken, Cashew and Vegetable Curry, with RICE! Yippee.

I cooked the recommended amount (60g per person plus another 20g for BB's share). I wanted more, (I think in the past I would have had more than that) but I was being good and trying to start as I mean to go on, so I did actually measure it.

It was great. At first. But actually I found that I ate mostly curry and very little rice. I went back for more of the curry and ended up leaving quite a bit of the rice. It was just so bulky and filling! I liked it, I am not planning on giving it up, but I will cook less next time. I had some of the curry left over and so curry without rice was an awesome breakfast the next day.  There were no effects that I noticed from rice the day before either.

Day 32 - Milk and Butter

This wasn't in the plan...

...but we had Grandma and Great Grandma over for lunch and I made the food to suit Great Grandma's taste - which meant poaching some fish in butter and milk. Then afterwards, when they both had a cup of tea with milk, I figured it wouldn't make much difference if I had some too. Also they brought dessert with them, which was a trifle, with custard and cream and of course sugar. I ate some of that too.

Milk was something Dr Mansfield had a question mark over when I did the elimination diet, but I still didn't notice any ill effects from it.

Until I went to bed. I was late to bed and feeling 'wired'. This could have been the cups of tea - I had two - I have been caffeine free for some time. I did fall asleep no problem though.

But my sleep was very restless. I kept having really disturbing dreams. I woke feeling like I had a massive hangover.

It is of course hard to tell what caused this. A lesson in why you reintroduce things one at a time. At a guess I would say the hangover feeling is from sugar, the wired feeling from caffeine and perhaps the disturbing dreams from milk. I googled milk and sleep disturbances and of course I found stuff (don't you always!) but I wont really know unless I test it again.

So anyway, today I am being a strict Whole 30 girl again, and maybe tomorrow I will try chick peas.

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