The Evolution of The Family

Today I was sent this infographic on the evolution of the American family and asked if I wanted to share it. Although the stats are US based, I would anticipate that we have a very similar trend happening on in the UK and Australia. I also really liked the fact that it focuses on all families having Love as a constant factor. 

Although most of my SMC/Choice Mum friends are online buddies, I do know several women in both the UK and Australia that have gone the same way, perhaps not branding themselves as SMC's as such, but at the same time women who have reached their mid to late 30's and decided to go it alone on the parenting front. All are well educated women with a high earning capacity, even though some of us are taking a career break for parenting in the younger years. 

Similarly the number of same sex couples raising children is also on the rise. Indeed it is a same sex couple that I have to thank for giving me the idea of parenting as a single mum: a newly pregnant lesbian couple were the first people to encourage me to do this without a man, even offering to get me some sperm! I was horrified at the thought at first, but they definitely planted a seed (more on that story here).

With all choice mums or same sex parents, having a child is not something you do without giving it a great deal of thought. It is very safe to say that none of our children are here by "accident"! We had children because we really wanted to, and after giving it a great deal of thought, discussion and planning, and in many cases a huge emotional and financial investment too. 

I think we may have the tendency to over think things at times. I sometimes wonder how it will be for BB when he grows up, but the fact is that our family is more and more common these days. We have a great relationship with his Dad who is a big part of our lives, and his partner too. In many ways, on a day to day basis, our family is just like the 1/3 of UK families that are divorced, with the exception of the fact that DD and I have no 'history' to be mad at each other for, so our family is quite functional. We are also very similar to the 1/4 of families in the UK which are single parent families, except there is another adult (well, actually 2) looking out for our child. 

On the whole we have it pretty good. I am eternally grateful for these changes in society that have made our lives possible. May they continue to change and may we embrace families in all their forms.

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The Evolution of the American Family - Brought To You By California Cryobank

If you are interested in talking to your children about all different types of families, The Family Book by Todd Parr is a great place to start. 

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