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In case you haven't heard of them yet, Learning Resources® is an educational resource company providing quality educational toys, games and learning aids for children aged 2-12. 

Their mission is very simple;

To develop quality educational products which make learning exciting for children of all ages and abilities! We strive to create hands-on products which build a concrete foundation of skills through exploration, imagination and most importantly fun! 
Having long been a favourite with teachers, this resource company is increasingly popular with parents. I have found it to be great site to begin the search for gift ideas for BB.  People are already starting to ask what he would like for his birthday, and by checking out good quality educational toys and games suitable for a 2 year old on their website I am hoping to be proactive, suggesting things people could buy which have sound educational value, rather than risk an onslaught of junk toys that he will play with only once. 

Their web site is well organised, allowing you to shop as a teacher or as a parent, and also offers a way of searching the catalogue based on the special needs of the learners.  

You can search their catalogue by age or by subject, or by brand. There are also some downloadable resources available.

As you will see from their website, they routinely offer free delivery on orders over £50 and free returns, but as they are just beginning to celebrate the Parent Blogging Culture, they are also offering special deals, just for bloggers: From now until December 31st 2013 you can get FREE DELIVERY on ALL orders by using the code BLOGGER13 at checkout. 

Learning Resources Logo

Learning Resources® also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube  if you want to know more.

And finally, for my US readers, there is a US store too!

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