Whole 30 Day 3

You may remember that yesterday I had a rough plan for today. Breakfast was going to be left over pork bolognese and eggs. As soon as I put the pork into the pan to heat it I realised the error of my ways. I had almost enough protein here already, and not enough veg. It's funny that up until starting the Whole 30 I regularly ate salad for breakfast - I think I am focussing too much on the protein as that is the bit that I thought would be hard.

I ended up changing my breakfast plan. I still had the leftover pork bolognese, but I also added a sizeable salad, along with one hard boiled egg just to top up the protein amount. With the vegetables in the bolognese I think I ended up with about the right amount. Half and avocado and an olive oil based dressing on the salad topped up my fats too. It was great.

Pork mince bolognese with salad
Breakfast Day 3

I did also ended up eating BB's left over fruit again. I thought I should photograph it, just to keep the record up of everything I ate today, and because I am aware that eating his left overs can be my downfall. It was a little bit of pomegranate.

For lunch I constructed a meal using the menu planner from the book, though I did make a few changes, I think I stuck to the rules. It was salmon with roasted cauliflower and green beans which was also delicious. I was in a bit of a dilemma with how much to cook. There were two salmon fillets in the packet, which I thought would be too much, one however, might not be enough, especially if BB was going to have some too. It also said on the pack that you had to use them within 24 hours of opening, so seeing as that meant I would need to have salmon tomorrow again anyway, I decided to cook it all. As a result I have some left over for tomorrow's breakfast. I will probably need to top it up with some salad and an egg again, but hopefully that's OK.

Lunch Day 3

As we were eating some fresh strawberries arrived. BB was very distracted by these, se we ended up with a dessert.

Strawberries in coconut milk

I was massively full after eating all of this, but half an hour later I was feeling hungry. I know this can't be the case, and that it is just my metabolically confused body trying to trick me, so I resisted the urge to eat again. Fortunately BB likes an early tea so it wasn't so long to wait. 

I don't think I cooked quite enough chicken for tea, but what I did have tasted great. I cooked it in coconut oil, adding the juice from an orange and some tarragon toward the end. It was a really nice combination of flavours and I will definitely make it again. I served it with some sale, and followed it with BB's left over pear.

Dinner Day 3

I am still feeling good. I was expecting to feel worse, that's what all the books say. Maybe it is yet to come. Maybe it helps that I have had a few weeks wheat free and didn't get sucked into the 'gluten free' trap. Who knows. I definitely think this is a healthy diet. In many ways it's not that radical. Meat and 2 veg is what your grandparents ate, maybe your parents too - it's certainly how I remember meals in my early years (when we were all much leaner!). In Australia the official recommendations are to eat 5 portions of veg and 2 of fruit, this is six veg and 2 fruit, so again not radically different. No dairy, grains or legumes might be a bit different though, but that might not be forever. I think in an ideal world I'd like to be able to add rice, parmesan and chick peas to my list, but otherwise its really not so bad at all.

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