Snowman Craft Activity for Toddlers

cotton wool ball snowman made by a toddler

This is something we did a couple of months ago, but with the weather we are currently experiencing it has become relevant once again. I thought I would share, in case you are stuck indoors with a toddler this weekend. You likely have everything needed on hand.

The cotton wool ball snowman is another foolproof toddler activity - you put the glue on, the cotton wall balls will only stick on the glue - so viola, a snowman!

Simply draw the outline of the snowman and let your toddler get used to the idea of sticking. (He may need a bit of tidying - just push the edges of the cotton balls in to make a neat shape). Once BB had the hang of this idea I dabbed glue in other places, he soon learned that his job was to stick a (very large) snowflake on the top!

We made the hat from black card and the eyes nose and mouth from tissue paper, but if you don't have those to hand you can always use coloured pieces cut from old newspapers and magazines.

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