iPad for Toddlers: Child's Play

This the first App that we downloaded, so it seems only right that is it should be the first one that we review. 

Name: Child's Play 

Developer: Sarah Currigan

COST: FREE/£1.49

What does Free mean in this case? There are three games which you get in the free version, and then there is an in-app option to upgrade to the full version for £1.49. Unlike some other apps, this is not something that constantly pops up on your screen that your toddler can easily press, or which disrupts the game. 

Educational Focus: The developer points out that this game is designed for distraction not for extended play, but each of the games we tried has merit for skill development.

Objectives: Described for the free games only
  • Bubble: Simply touch the bubble on the screen to pop it.
  • Frogs: Three frogs sitting on lily pads and a fly buzzes past. Touch a frog to make it jump up and catch the fly
  • Stars: Touch the screen makes some colourful stars fly to point you touched - you can double or triple tap in the same place too.

Skill Practice: Hand/eye coordination 

Enjoyment: BB loves this. He was particularly excited by the popping bubbles at first, then it was the stars that attracted him, and now he loves the frogs, though he hasn't quite mastered the timing or choosing the right frog to catch the fly, but I like it for the fact that he still has that to learn.

Engagement: I think this does exactly what the developer intended. It as a good distraction for short periods of play, but for a toddler that is all you will be doing anyway. 

Overall comments/recommendations: I would definitely recommend the free version of this app. I can't tell you about the paid one as yet, but I do anticipate we could pay the £1.49 for the other 12 games. If we do, we'll add to this review.

Have you tried this app? What do you think? And what do you think to the structure of this review? Is it useful? Any suggestions to improve the content for future reviews?

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  1. I have never done an app review, but it sounds really great to me. I'm going to try it!

    Thanks for this!

  2. Great review! I am so glad you're doing this! Thank you as I find it daunting looking for apps appropriate for Elena.