A little moan!

I want to have a little moan. Just a little moan, because this is A Blissful Life and I find that moaning rarely adds to your bliss, but sometimes a good vent is nice.

The last few days I feel like I have been attacked from all angles

Firstly a "you can do this for me because you have loads of time because you don't go to work" comment. That annoyed me a lot. Just because I don't GO to work but work from home, doesn't give me any more time. In fact I think it would be fair to say it gives me less. I am full time mum (-4 hours of child care a week) and I work, occasionally over 35 hours a week. That makes me a full time mum AND full time worker!

So stuff off!

image of mum with lots of arms, cooking, holding baby. working at computer etc etc

Actually, almost everyone I know that has returned to a go to work type job instead of being a full time mum says things like "It's nice to have a break"  "It's quite relaxing really"  "I am looking forward to having some time to myself" "I can get lots of other things done there too, like paying the bills online and catching up on Facebook" and one person even said "It's great to be able to just stare out of the window and think of nothing".

My dad is constantly tying to find me more work. "You could make a website for this man... you could tutor this girl... " When? Sometimes I only sleep 4 hours as it is? He must think I am doing nothing all day too. Grrr!

I got a little bit more annoyed today by our PM, who has apparently implied that only people who leave the home and put their kids in child care work hard and have aspirations .

I have nothing against people who go back to work by the way, and I accept that for many it is a necessity and they miss spending time with their kids, and that some do it because they want to! I can however, confirm that the 4 hours a week when BB is in childcare and I am working are a break.

Nor do I have anything against people who don't work in the money earning way. Basically I think if you are a Mum you work your ass off, in whatever way. We all do what we can and get through the best way that we can, providing the best life we can for our kids and having aspirations for them and our families.

So there!

Give us a break please!

Aaaaaand Breathe... Vent over, Blissfulness restored!

I found the image here using a search for multi tasking mum images

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  1. I hear you! I cherish the one night that I get to work and not be mothering at the same time. Trying to work at home is rough and saving it until after they go to bed makes for longs days.

    1. I am sure you do Jen - it must be even harder with twins. Hats off to us!

  2. I agree, a good vent will keep us all a little more blissful!

    I must be in the minority though because I DON'T find coming to work a break or relaxing...maybe it's the nature of my job. As an Exec Assistant, I am taking care of people all day long then I am home & taking care of Elena. I am always meeting everyone else's needs. I rarely have any time to myself. Even after Elena goes to bed, I am lucky if I have an hour before I'm zonked & want to crawl into bed myself. And that hour is often spent making lunch, cleaning dishes, doing a load of laundry, cleaning up toys, etc, etc, etc. Don't mistake me, I am not complaining in any way. I love my life! I wouldn't want it any other way! I also know that as Elena gets older she will demand less & less of my time & attention so I am going to soak up as much as I can now!!

  3. I wish there were a 'like' button Tiara!
    I feel like that too. I spend all day working with 2, 3 and 4 year olds, helping them, cleaning them up after things, listening to them, not finding time for a wee break...then I come home and do the same kind of things (only a little differently) for a family of three kids and a hubby. last night I had 4.5 hours sleep then a full day of work, no husbeast for a week, then taxi services until 9.30pm. I'm just about to crawl upstairs to read a sneaky chapter of my book.

    However, Tiara, I hate to disagree, she won't demand less of your time or attention, it will just be different and in a different way.

    Hats off to committed parents world over says I!!

    And ya boo sucks to DC and his bubbletastic ideas!

  4. Yes to you both! Jobs where you are looking after other would be tough. I should have had a clause for that! Though I am guessing there will be other jobs that are actually hard too! I wouldn't return to teaching for the reason that I I dont feel I would have enough energy for my family after a day of look after other people's kids! And just to clarify the person who stares out of the window works for a local government office - hope she's not reading - or if she is, that she is doing so from work! :-P

  5. Did you see this http://kingdomvsempire.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/children-secret-saboteurs-of-the-economy/ I think it's quite a good summing up of the change in attitudes toward child rearing that is so upsetting to those of us who have rearranged our lives completely so that we can look after our own children.

    1. That's an excellent link! thanks for sharing!

    2. I did consider trying to write something intelligent myself btw, but in the end I just felt like shouting and getting it all out quickly - something intelligent on the value of a mum would have taken time and research... perhaps I'll save that one for another day!