Weight Loss Plateau - Or Sensitive to Grapefruit?

I think I can confirm I am stuck!

I haven't really lost any weight for 2 weeks. I am at about the same weight that I got to with Weight Watchers (around 80kg) before it started going up again.

So, it looks like I am one of the 20-30% for whom there are further issues. I am guessing its sugar/refined carbs. I haven't lost anything since I reintroduced the sugars. I am cutting them out again now to see if it makes a difference.

I did also eat fish and chips. Now, on any other diet that would be an issue, but seeing as fish and potatoes are ok, theory on this diet is that they would be OK for me. Perhaps it is. Perhaps the reaction is to grapefruit! I am keeping that in mind and will re test later.

Here are my weights for the last few days.

soya milk

no food tested
had fish & chips at lunch time!
no food tested
no food tested

no food tested

I have to say I have lost momentum for the whole thing now. As with any other diet when you reach that plateau it is disheartening and you wonder why you are bothering! I am going to continue though. I am going back to eating mostly foods from the earlier stages of the diet, no food and limited wheat bread etc. to see if I can get enough sense out of my weights to be able to test the other foods left on the list. It seems silly to give in now and not test them seeing as I have come so far. I am thinking that once BB is asleep I might take that alkalising, body flushing drink again and then start afresh tomorrow.

There is some good news though. BB's biggest cousin and Godfather came to visit us on Thursday before he heads back to Australia to start Uni. The occasion called for Champagne and I decided to sacrifice my diet for the occasion. Having found the sensitivity to grapes, I should have course have avoided the Champagne. Instead I just declared it an evening when I wouldn't test anything, and then cautiously stepped on the scales the next morning. It was fine! May be I should retest grapes as perhaps that little rise when I introduced them was not a sign of a sensitivity at all. I will retest, once the rest is done.

Anyway, I am off to have another read of the book regarding the other three secrets and I'll be back with a post on those soon. 

I found this image here. I am going to try and look at it this way!

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  1. Just a thought here... the post F&C rise could be about water retention. I know when I have fast food I get puffy the following day - I assume because of the salt content?

    Like the plateau motivator!