The Fourth Secret of Successful Weight Loss - Treat Yeast Syndrome if Indicated

You may well have heard of Candidiasis, if not, you will almost definitely have heard of thrush. Both are caused by a common fungus Candida albicans. Yeast Syndrome is what happens when this fungus gets out of control in our bodies. From my research, it would seem that yeast syndrome as such is not fully accepted by the medical community,  however, there are many people that have noted problems related to the overgrowth of this fungus.

My own father actually became quite ill a couple of years ago. Having failed to get a satisfying solution through the conventional medical route he saw a naturopath who diagnosed yeast syndrome, and gave him some herbs and a low sugar, yeast free diet to follow. It made a massive difference to him. I do believe it. I have noticed that I get athletes foot if I eat too much sugar. I also believe my need to go to the loo during the night, and night waking, is related to sugar consumption, which fits with the yeast syndrome theory.

In the book there is a quiz to help you identify if years syndrome is likely. For a woman a score of over 100 makes it likely, over 180 s a certainty - I scored exactly 100. I would say that I do have yeast in my body and that sometimes, depending on what I have been eating, it can make a difference to my well-being, but I wouldn't say it has ever been high enough for me to be really sick. There is a medical test you can take, and drugs you can get, but they are not good if you are pregnant or breastfeeding so this is not on my agenda right now.

There are several websites out there that have a 'Candida diet', which is basically avoiding sugar and yeast (remember yeast is in bread, cheese and alcohol). There is possibly an equal number of websites that state that it is all rubbish but of course a diet low in or eliminating those things will make you feel better. I would say there is probably truth on both sides, and seeing as I plan on dramatically reducing sugar and yeast again anyway, I feel like I have this one covered, but it is something to have in mind.

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