The Diet

I know - another diet post, but Dr Mansfield has looked at my raw data and thinks I interpreted it wrong. He says that to him it looks like a sensitivity to whole milk, rather than to grapes, and that I stopped losing weight when that was included back into my diet.

He could be right.

I think I am going to do stage 1 again and then try milk again, and the other things that have a question mark... maybe starting Thursday.

But right now I am testing wine!

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  1. How much wine are you required to test? ;)

  2. Well, I managed a bottle (over three nights) and am sad to report that it makes me feel really old! My knees and my back started aching again and I move around more like an old woman, so I am really thinking there might be something in the grape issue. I will test again, but I used to eat grapes nearly every day (BB loves them so there are always some to snack on), and cook with grape seed oil, and take a supplement with grape seed extract in and of course drink wine and eat fruit cake...

    I have only tested green grapes and white wine though - a friend did say yesterday that she really thinks I should give the red ones a try!