CD 1

I am very happy to report that today is CD 1. This means I am officially TTC again.

I feel really good about it. Until now I wasn't ready, even last month although I knew I wanted to do it, I didn't quite want to do it yet. I am now feeling better physically than I have since before BB. Getting my diet in check and weight down a little has done wonders. I definitely feel better, not just for losing the weight, but my head is clearer and I have more energy. I also have many less aches and pains. Even my massage therapist noticed my body was different at my last appointment, she couldn't believe the difference. My shoulder, which totally disabled me in October, and always needs a lot of work, was fine. I feel really fertile too. I think that's because I feel younger and am much more mobile without the joint pain, but also due to the physical signs like EWCM, which was present in a huge amount last cycle.

It was interesting too, that after eating foods on Christmas Day that I haven't yet tested, my shoulder did give me grief again. On Wednesday and Thursday I was in a bit of pain - it's gone again now. I am seriously wondering if there is something I eat that gives me joint / muscle / nerve problems. I really hope it's not chocolate, but that is currently the most likely suspect!

Mentally I am feeling ready now too. As you know after the M/C I really wondered if I could go through it all again. I was talking about the loss with a friend on Friday and it still makes me cry. BB2 will always be my little girl that I never got to meet, which does make me incredibly sad. I have accepted it though. I also know that if I am lucky enough to get pregnant again I am likely to be anxious about the baby, but I feel strong enough to cope with that now too.

The only bad news is that according to Fertility Friend my predicted O date is a Tuesday, and DD can only visit on weekends. That still gives us a chance though, and it's only a prediction, and if need be we could drive down to his place for a night mid week...

Come to me BB3!

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  1. Thinking of you this cycle. It is hard to TTC again after a M/C. You never forget the one you lost. In my case, it was a fresh start and I was optimistic all over again, as it seems you are. Best of luck.