The Story of Something Blissful

Something Blissful has roots in many places.

As a teenager I remember I really wanted to start a Good News paper. One with tales of happiness, inspiring thoughts, uplifting images, acts of kindness. Something to challenge stereotypes, share the love, spread some joy. Anything from a tale a of the hoody who helps an old lady with her shopping, to  photos of happy people, to quotes form wise thinkers from around the world. My newspaper would be just one sheet per day and FREE. Given out on the tube and commuter trains, in the staffroom, at the supermarket, factory gate and so on. Such a thing would of course be quite costly to do, and seeing as I never became a millionaire it never happened.

Staying Blissful is something that this Mama does not always find easy. In fact, I would go as far as to say it is something that I often have to work at. My dad always said I had SAD syndrome - I didn't believe it until I moved to Australia, but now I definitely agree with the diagnosis.  I have to make an effort to get out into some daylight, no matter how uninviting the outdoors may be - if not, it will be even harder to motivate myself tomorrow. The study of meditation has also helped me to try and observe my mind rather than get caught up in it. I guess you could sum it up as becoming more aware of how I work, and then working to keep things in order.

A Blissful Life began as way of focusing on the happiness and joys of life. I had read just a few blogs when I started writing in 2008. I didn't really know what I wanted to write about, I wanted to share my life in Australia with my family and friends back home, I wanted a diary of sorts to help me remember special moments, places, people, things. I knew that I didn't want a whinging platform, which many blogs seemed to be.

Although as time has gone on, and I have become more open an honest about who I really am and what is going on for me, there have been posts that are not so Blissful. The first time that I posted Something Blissful was in May this year, immediately after I had posted about two things not so Blissful. I felt the need to restore the balance. I liked the concept of having a theme of Something Blissful, and used the tag on a few more posts. Then after a while, it sort of faded away.

I found myself thinking about it again recently. We have just changed the clocks here in the UK. Our days are short and dark, the weather has turned suddenly cold, and continues to be wet. I just miscarried  BB2, I had a trapped nerve in my back and still have pain in my arm and numb fingers. Just one dark and dismal day into what I officially call winter I can see that I could be on the brink. I need to be proactive.

So, Something Blissful is back on the radar, but I was thinking I would share it a little further. I have just learned about creating linkies and I'm thinking that this would be a great way for us to share a little happiness and joy. I am going to (try) to do a weekly linky with the title. I thought hard about the day I should publish. Most reports say that Tuesday is officially the most depressing day of the week. Other say Wednesday as it is the furthest from any weekend. Many think it's Monday. For some of us who parent and work from home 7 days a week, the day makes little difference. However, I settled on Mondays, though you can add your link any day for a week.

I imagine the rules may be refined but at the moment lets just say that it should be

  • something that brought you joy and may to bring joy to others too
  • or simply something you are thankful for
  • can be an image, video, 'news' item or short story (each to be your own)
  • it can be from the last week, but doesn't have to be
  • if you quote someone, credit them
  • and make sure it's suitable for general readership (ie not x rated!)

Let's see how it goes...

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