Joining the #WWBack2Best Challenge

So, I may be a little late starting, but today I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting and the challenge has officially begun.

The truth is that I retained almost 11kg of baby weight after BB. Then with my recent pregnancy, even though it only lasted 9 1/2 weeks, I somehow managed to add another 4 kg to that, (I was 85kg at my booking appointment with BB2 a couple of weeks ago) meaning I am now 15kg heavier than before BB.

I guess it's partly that I just want to have control over something after my recent loss, but also, I really want my body back.

I am still breastfeeding BB, which means I get to eat a few more points than I would otherwise, but hopefully I can gradually bring that number down so that I am eating like a normal person!

I haven't done particularly well today. You know how when you start a diet you have to eat a few things in the house to get rid of them... Well, today it was the ravioli that someone left in our fridge. I actually really don't enjoy it anyway, and it's not the sort of thing that I buy, but I couldn't see it go to waste (though much of it is in the chicken bowl!), and then I decided to finish off the ginger cordial. I did however earn 8 points for walking so it's not all bad news.

It's embarrassing, but I am going make my starting point really clear to everyone

Today I was 13st 4lb, which for my US pals is 186lb, and for the rest of the world, 84.4kg.

My goal is to get to 11st, which is 70kg or 154lb

And just to make it really clear (for my sake not yours!) that means losing 2st 4lb, or 32lb, or 14.5kg.

Here's a fat pic to get me motivated

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  1. It seems to be the trend lately among SMCs to eat healthier & lose weight. I started my mission at the end of August but am not brave enough to post it publicly. Good for you & I'll be cheering you on!

  2. Really? Go on, I dare you! Maybe it could be our next shared posting. You could just tell us how much you lost already... ;o)

    I kind of feel that by putting it out there I have to do actually something and stick to it - hopefully it will help.