BB's first walk to the shop

BB's new red wellies, one of our nearly new sale bargains!

Today we sold a book, which meant a trip to the post office. This is just on the corner, 300m (or 4 mins) away from our door according to Google maps. When BB came up to me with his wellies in hand (which means he wants to go and play outside) I decided we had time to walk. BB has some toddler reins that used to be mine (!) so we thought we'd test them out. I knew the journey would take us a while, so I recorded it on Map My Walk just to see. Although its only 600m, we did 820m  (a very long way for little legs!) and it took us 56 minutes!

We looked in everyone's driveway, over some low walls, picked up leaves, chased cats, barked at dogs, pointed at birds, found a discarded lotto ticket, saw lots of spiders, peered down drains, waved at kids in cars, put fingers in cracks, peered though holes and generally had a whale of a time. I was wondering what I would think of reins, I like the idea of them from a safety perspective, but I wasn't sure how i would feel with my child on a lead! But I liked them, they saved my back heaps. I would never have attempted a walk that long holding hands as I would be crippled by now, so none of that fun would have been had without them. I think to him it would seem like he had more freedom than hand holding, he has a little bit of room to move, he had both hands available to explore with too. So I think BB, the reins and I might go on another little outing tomorrow, weather permitting.

On a totally different note, I updated the Boy or Girl quiz today and we now have 5 for the boys team and 7 for the girls team. To clarify though, the changes were that my bed now faces north as I turned it around at the weekend, but I don't think it's going to make any difference to the sex of BB2. I am eating lots of fruit, and I don't usually drink juice but have been of late. As for craving sweets, it's not a craving as such, but if I am nauseous I find boiled sweets  help with that (last time it was ready salted crisps!)

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  1. Who knows...however, spanner in the food cravings: Tom I craved marmite, Will I ate fruit gums and Isobel was cabbage!

    I do wonder, however, if there is more of an effect over the fact that Will has the sweetest tooth known to man, Tom eats anything and the stronger the flavour the better and Isobel eats fruit and veg all the while...

    I bet BB had an amazing time, what a great walk x

  2. I don't hold much faith on the food cravings - or most of the other points really - but it's fun!

    Last time I had a feeling that BB was a boy right from the start. I don't have that clarity this time. When I think of the baby I think of a girl, but when I think of BB and BB2 together I think of "The Boys"... so who knows, we'll just have to wait and see!

  3. Love the wellies! F and I have just started taking walks together - amazing how much more of the world you see when seen with a toddler!

  4. I love taking walkins with Elena, tho I always have to remember that the walks take forever since she has to explore & examine everything! I also have to remember not to let us get too far from home or I'll have to lug her part way back!