Rhythm - yes that's a better word!

This is really a reply to Rachel's comment on the previous post. I started writing it as a reply but it got too long, and then I wanted to add links... so here's a new post.

Rhythm - that's a better word! I was thinking I need a timetable but thought perhaps that was just a throwback to my teacher days. We do kind of have that I guess, but it could be better too. BB does do lots of stuff with me, he has become particularly 'helpful' in the garden, picking the tomatoes for example,  and he's learned how to turn on the tap on the water butt (we always do these jobs in pjs these days as he inevitably ends up soaked and covered in mud, so that at least saves us one change of clothes - as the weather gets cooler though we will soon be in need of a new plan!). He also helps put the washing in the machine, and take it out, and into the dryer. I don't think he is quite ready for the cooking lessons yet, although he does sit in his high chair and watch sometimes, and helps by holding a carrot, or the wooden spoon or something, but he hasn't done any mixing yet! Maybe we could make some scones!

So, our rhythm and flow - We get up, have breakfast, feed the chooks, collect the eggs, and do a few chores outside - BB plays or helps. The we come in and get toys out for a bit... I get him started then do  jobs like check the emails, mail etc. make any necessary phone calls...  then it depends on what we are up to that day. We are out at some point most days with his gym and swimming lessons, and we take nana out, go to a play group, now nursery one day, catching up with his friends, or simply a walk into town and a play on the swings and slide... so he is getting out and about and experiencing lots of things. Then our evenings are all very predictable too, some play while I get food ready, a long meal (it often takes a hour), we tidy up the toys (sort of) and then is bath, books, booby and bed. So yeah, I would say we have rhythm, and it flows pretty good most of the time.

I think I just feel that I could do more, to stimulate his brain, start some learning and discovery experiences, structure things more. I did some research online as to what to do with a toddler and I found little that I don't do already - most of it seems really basic, like talk to them about things you are doing, count objects, observe colours, animal names and noises, name objects... well der! of course! we do that all the time. What I am wanting really is to be sure that we do one special thing together every day that is fun, worthwhile, stimulating, a learning experience, however small.

I ended up ordering two books that had good reviews and were available second hand at a good price; The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities and Developing Play for the Under Threes. I'll let you know how I find them.

As for today - I have done no work at all - not a scrap. We had a fab time. Our 'together' activity was to create a picture together with his crayons, which ended when he threw all the crayons on the floor, but I think I did like it up until then (I look forward to the day he can communicate that he has had enough with words - he uses the same 'floor technique' when he has finished eating). We have also been swimming, and played in the play area both before and after the swimming lesson, and went grocery shopping, and then called to buy him some new sleeps suits. We bought these!

Well, how could I resist!

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