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Sorry for the delay in writing this post. As promised there is a second part to the Play story. In addition to finding a couple of excellent books, I also found some great resources online. Mostly in the form of blogs from some great Mummy Bloggers.

One of blogs that I have followed for a while is NurtureStore . This is a really well organised blog which allows you to search by categories in a tab bar at the top of the page. There is quite a comprehensive list of great ideas and activities and you can even subscribe to receive the weekly play planner by email. As with a lot of resources, many of the ideas are for children slightly older than BB, but there is a whole section of ideas for younger toddlers and babies too.

Rainy Day Mum is a new one that I have just discovered. This is another blog which is easy to search by play type or age. Rain Day Mum also has also made Pinterest make sense to me too - check out her 157 boards!

The Imagination Tree is another great new find, and the author's Pinterest page is also awesome.

You may also want to check out the Mommy and Me Book Club. Not that I am getting the same books and following along (yet - I may in the future - some of the ideas look great), but the concept alone has given me ideas. As an ex teacher, the idea of working around a theme or topic and connecting learning to it through a variety of ways appeals to me greatly. BB has a few toys and activities than are focused on farm animals (mostly owing to Gramps being a farmer!) so this week we have been really focusing on these. On our trip to the library on Saturday we collected some farm animal books which we have been looking at every day, we have been making animal noises, singing songs, searching for video resources (such as this one on the BBC Learning Zone) and today we went to the local children's farm. I like the idea of focusing on one animal at a time too, but not all one after another - I will mix it in with some other themes. I like to think I could write a blog post about each topic, like these great Mum's do... but... well I can try, but there are certainly no promises!

Links to all of these blogs and more can be found in the link list at the side. I will add more as I find them. I have also been looking on Facebook, check out Blissful Mama's Like List for more great sources of ideas.

In addition, I have been inspired, and I am now on Pinterest, though as you can see I haven't pinned anything yet - but having seen those great pages from the ladies above I have to give it a go.

Here is BB playing in the sun, on what was most definitely our last day of summer. Hard to believe it was just a couple of Sundays ago. The weather has turned, the heating has kicked in and I have packed the paddling pool away - until next year.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these sites...I did some researching a few months ago & was overwhelmed by it all...thanks for doing the work for me :)