Struck Down

So, it seems I tempted fate with my post that BB was more at risk from himself than from any disease! Within 24 hours of my last post we were back at the surgery as an emergency appointment.

It began in the morning really. BB was not his usual self when he got up at 5am. He had breakfast ok, but instead of getting down and amusing himself with his toys as he usually does first thing, he just wanted to hold Helen Monkey (his comforter) and cuddle Mummy. He was rubbing his eyes and yawning so I assumed he was still tired. He went back to bed at 6.30 (and so did I).

Here's Helen Monkey - she has worked hard in the last 24hrs!

It was 9.30 when he woke. He seemed hot so I checked his temperature. It was fine. He had a snack but still wasn't interested in his toys, so we cuddled up together for a while with a few episodes of Postman Pat. Then he fell asleep on me. Unusual. It didn't last long and he was irritable and wanted to go to bed. I was geting a bit worried now, but checked his temp again, (still ok) and took him to bed.

For an hour he slept soundly, then for the second hour he was wimpering. I was worried. Eventually he woke up. I cehcked his temp again and it was higher than before at 37.3ºC, but still not above 37.5º (what the internet told me was considered too high. We sat and cuddled. He was breathing really quickly and quite listless, just laying on my chest like a new born. I decided the he was acting like he had a fever and his temprature had risen, so I gave him some Calpol. He had some breast milk and fell asleep on me again.

I lay there with my phone, googling, trying to find out what I sould do to manage a fever. I came across the number for the NHS helpline and decided to give them a call. They asked me lots of questions and then got me to wake him and check a few things, like his responsiveness, look for rashes etc. I also took his temp again. 38ºC now. They said we should go straight to the doctor.

So we rang, it was 4.55 and surgery closed at 5 but they said to come down. We saw our usual Doctor who examined BB and determined that he now has tonsillitis. So, more antibiotics, sadly not banana flavour this time so he is not so keen as he was on his last lot. Still, with a considerable struggle on my part, he is getting them down him - so hopefully he will start to feel better soon.

To make the situation a little more challenging I am also sick. I was feeling off colour and tired on Tuesday and woke yesterday morning to a dodgy belly. I still have a dodgy belly! Looking after a clingy baby while you have a to make urgent dashes to the loo is not the best situation, but I am sure one that I will laugh at in the future. With waking up BB to get medication and fluids into him every 4 hours, the need to listen out that he was still breathing, and my own dashes to the loo, mean that I didn't sleep much last night! If at all! It is possible that the same bug is affecting us both in different ways

On a positive note, today is CD1. Our trip to DD's has been planned. I wont be posting details of that on my blog(!) but hard core chart stalkers can use the temporary link (under Links on the left) to follow our progess if desired.

Another positive, on discussion with our GP, I found out that BB's appointment is with a specialist in children's respiratory health anyway, but one who based in the General Paediatrics department.

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  1. Aw poor BB! I hope you're both feeling better soon!

  2. Oh no! I hate to hear you're both ill. I hope it goes away very quickly.

  3. Hope you both have a speedy recovery!