What kind of person steals a baby's lunch?

An odd question I know, but one that I have been pondering since Thursday when someone stole BB's lunch bag, complete with his lunch, while we were swimming.

The swimming centre we attend is lovely. Lessons aren't cheap. Everyone I have ever met there seems great. There are little lockers provided for your wallet and phone, but to be honest I never use them (I will now!) as I have never thought them necessary in such a wonderful place.

There were several levels to my horror when we discovered the lunch was gone.

Firstly, BB usually has lunch around 12. By the time we have finished swimming it is 1.30, so he is starving. Hungry baby and no food is not a good combination. Thankfully this problem was solved immediately by a lovely mummy and baby girl duo who took us back to their place for lunch.

The second was that so many of BB's lovely things have gone. He loved his ladybird. He has been fascinated with the red spotty insects for as long as I remember, since one of the photos used as a screen saver on our computer is of a ladybird. He also lost his special cup, which Grandma bought him for Christmas, and one of his bibs, my favourite one, in navy blue.

Then there was the realisation of how much this will cost to replace. Lunch bag £14, mum2mum bib £9, cup £6, plastic tubs - about £3, baby spoon £2, Milton wipes £2, baby wipes £2. Who would have thought it would come to so much.

Finally, and perhaps the worst part is the fact that the bottom dropped out of my world a little bit when I realised that the world, and in particular our fab little swimming centre, isn't as safe as I would like to believe.

I don't think we even have a photo of BB and the ladybird - this is the best I can do.

Sadly, Ladybird Lunchies are all sold out so we will never have another. 

Bye bye Ladybird, we will miss you.

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  1. That's truly appalling!!! I can't quite believe it, you'll have to let me know where you go swimming. Did you complain there?

    We are all for anything ladybird related in this household and that bag was so cute. I hope you find a worthy replacement.

    1. The place we swim is fab - I would still recommend it. It is a specially designed centre in Peterborough with a warm pool and small classes. I can't blame them at all. They do provide lockers for your valuables - I guess it never occured to them that you might need to lock up your baby's lunch. It wouldn't occur to me either!. The owner had actually seen the lunch bag just 5 mins before, which is why we think it was someone in our class :(

      I guess we were just unlucky, and the problem is that I hadn't changed my perceptions about the safety at the place as I should have. It began as a fledgling family business around the same time as I fell pregnant. I did aqua natal classes there from the beginning. It has grown rapidly - now it is huge, with about 100 classes a week, not the cosy little home from home that it used to be.

  2. Hopefully the person will see sense and 'leave' the lunchbox at the centre sometime - it is such a shame when people do things like this especially when it was obviously belonged to a baby :(