Every day a new trick

Tonight I found myself sitting in the bathroom while BB was having his bath and wishing I'd been better at this blogging thing. I should have blogged about all the little things he does, his development, so that he has a record of it when he's older. He has learnt so much in the last few weeks, it seems like every day he has a new trick.

How lovely it would have been if I were a perfect mum, making little notes each night of what he can do. Sadly, I am not the perfect mum, so I'm going to try and play catch up on the last few weeks

Today his new trick is clapping his hands. This morning at breakfast he just started clapping - then he would stop, look at both of his palms in amazement, and then do it again. He has repeated his new trick for both his Grandma and his Great Grandma. He is so very pleased with himself.

He has completely mastered crawling now too. Going wherever he wants, whenever he wants. At the moment I am still a little faster than him, but I get the feeling my days are numbered!

Swimming was a little more interesting the week before last too. One of the the things they have to do is sit on the side of the pool and then jump into mummy's arms. He was always great at this - but poolside is a whole unexplored area so now he can crawl away! He definitely has the advantage when I am in the pool and he has a head start.

He is also pulling himself up in things. He is regularly pulling himself up on the couch, high chair and cot, but (as far as I know!) only to his knees, not onto his feet yet. He is however practicing having the soles of his feet on the floor by performing some rather perfect "downward facing dog" poses. I will try and get a photo of this.

He has four teeth, the top two having made it through his gums last week.

He has also started saying something which sounds like mum-mum-mum. Sadly he is not referring to me - it is his distress signal! Come and get me, save me, pick me up. Nonetheless, I have to admit I love to hear him say it.

Here he is, crawling in a tunnel that's just a little bit too small for mummies! Heaven!

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  1. Hey there! thanks for your comments on my blog!

    reading your blog is crazy... i feel like we are doing a LOT of things similarly! also, calliope just learned to clap (yesterday) too! so cool.

    my blog has all sorts of posts about sleep... i need to write a new one.

    anyway, great to "meet" you!

  2. I heard once that the Japanese have a saying for each time they see someone, whether it was yesterday or 10 years ago: 'How have you changed?' Sounds like BB has changed a lot lately. These developments sort of dawn over a while and then suddenly they just master things.

    Yeah, they get real quick at crawling. But then, if he's anything like F and R, he'll slow down again when he starts walking. And then we'll alert again for a very nervous parenting time ahead when they start running!